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X-CSL-Package installation for XSquawkBox

Заголовок темы: X-CSL-Package installation for XSquawkBox
Отправитель: Addcrew on 29.01.2013 11:25:12

XSquawkBox - is plugin for online flight in Vatsim Network (like X-IvAp for IVAO).

X-CSL-Package also works with this plugin. This is the step-by-step example of X-CSL-Package installation in X-Plane 9.70 (Windows, xsquawkbox 1.0.6 allready installed). Similarly, for X-Plane 10.

1. Delete Jets and Props folders from /Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox Resources/CSL/

2. Download and run X-CSL-Updater (Choose your OS)

3. In "File" menu select "Set Custom Path"

4. Specify the path to the folder "X-Plane_root_folder\Resources\plugins\XSquawkBox Resources\CSL"

5. Check "Path for install"

6. Click "Index". After indexing, update your packages (or all at once).

It's all. Have good flights in Vatsim!