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Re: X-CSL-Package installation for XSquawkBox

Заголовок темы: Re: X-CSL-Package installation for XSquawkBox
Отправитель: den_rain on 29.04.2016 13:50:37

moritz.j.bauer@gmail.com пишет:

hi there. I got the problem that i see the factor liveries only. I tried some different codes with a friend on Vatsim. Sadly i only see him without any liveries but in the right plane.

Hi Moritz!
First, please make absolutely sure that you have the X-Csl-Package installed correctly.
Second, please make a couple of screenshots with your friend's plane and flight plane window which your friend sent to vatsim.
Also, if the XSquawkBox has some debug console, please make a screenshot of this console when your friend appears in your simulator.

P.S. Also, please keep in mind that we don't support the XSquawkBox officially.